Too Tired

To write anything meaningful. I worked myself to the bone to make the perfect Christmas and of course it wasn’t because there is no such thing and then when that was over, I had to visit in-laws and now I just want a day of but it’s back to work tomorrow, full on.

Hey ho.



I’ve always thought I don’t like pencil, but actually, I think my pencil selfies are some of my best.

I’m feeling strong today. Something happened that once would have triggered me to feel terrible, but I was able to step back, question my thoughts, see the whole picture, and stay calm and centered.

A good day!




Today was a bad day.

My mother-in-law finally passed away after a very long illness. We had been expecting it but it is still a shock. My husband phoned to tell me while I was out shopping. Still shocked, I turned right when I shouldn’t have, and then I saw the blue light flashing behind me.

Ugh. I pulled over, told the cop what had happened and, luckily, he was a kind and empathetic person who just said he completely understood and told me to take care on my way home.

And I did. But then on the narrow lane up to my house, I met another car. There was only room for one car, so I reversed until I reached a pull-in and then backed into it so that the other driver could pass.

Which is when I realized I couldn’t get back out again. I revved up the engine. but the wheels just skidded. I tried reversing further in the hope it would give me more traction, but felt the car clunk even further down and realized I had made it worse.

My car was well and truly stuck in a small ditch.

Luckily, I have a friend and neighbour who always knows what to do in these situations so, after I had stopped crying, I phoned him and he came straight down and towed me out.

And so, thanks to two kind people, I made it home safely and without an expensive fine.

Thank you, kind people. Hopefully I can pay it forward in the next few days.