I started this blog on January 1st 2016 having challenged myself to paint a self-portrait every day for one year. On December 31st 2016, I completed my mission.

The challenge was partly about pushing my art practice in new directions, but it was also a way of managing through a tough time in my life.

Now I’m ready to do more than manage through difficulties. I want to find my way back to happiness. I believe art will be central to that process, so I plan to work intentionally and regularly and will post my sketches and paintings here along with anything I learn along my journey.



3 thoughts on “About

  1. Sharon Gorberg

    Hi Louise
    Happy New Year! What a fabulous goal you have set for yourself! I hope you know that often when we draw ourselves the image looks older than we look especially if one includes wrinkles etc. And we never look to others the way we look to ourselves! When I was teaching 13 yr old girls they always looked 30 in their portraits!

    Anyway you are very youthful looking! I look forward to seeing your work. No more SBS for you???


  2. Leslie

    Looking forward to seeing your portraits of 2016, Louise. I’ve been an admirer of your work from SBS for a year. I like this challenge…and *maybe* it will spur me on to try doing my own portraits too. Sharon’s comment is interesting…I have heard the same from art instructors but more on full body life drawings…if you are a thin person your tendency is to draw the model thinner and vice versa. (Btw….you have a lovely face from your FB profile 🙂



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