Hall of Mirrors

I much prefer the few days’ holiday around new year to the few days around Christmas. Instead of frenzied preparations, there is peace, calm, a sense that things are returning to normal. And in this peace, there is time to reflect.

I’ve been thinking a lot about what I’ve learned over the past year. I want to define the ways in which this project has changed me. I was to pinpoint the things I will be taking with me into the new year.

I think the biggest change is the way I view my own mind – and the way this influences the way I view the world. Time and again during this most difficult of years, I have been reminded that my thoughts are not reality. Time and again, having stressed or cried or rejoiced about something I perceived, I have been faced with the reality and forced to see that I have everything skewed.

It happened again today, when a casual comment laid bare the reality of a situation that I had seen in a completely different way. My perception had made me miserable. The view I saw through someone else’s eyes was both surprising and instantly familiar. Familiar because it matched other evidence that was in front of my eyes, but that I had stared past blindly, wrapped up entirely in my own warped view.

I have come to see that my mind is like the hall of mirrors at a funfair. But instead of laughing at the distortions, I have been letting them dictate my state of mind.

Through therapy, I understand where the distortions come from. This next year, I hope to learn how to move past them and on to the life I know I am capable of living.




2 thoughts on “Hall of Mirrors

  1. j2015hall

    May this new year of 2017 be the very best for you. And congratulations for the determination to complete your year’s art blog. Good feeling, isn’t it, to reach your goal.



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