Today was a bad day.

My mother-in-law finally passed away after a very long illness. We had been expecting it but it is still a shock. My husband phoned to tell me while I was out shopping. Still shocked, I turned right when I shouldn’t have, and then I saw the blue light flashing behind me.

Ugh. I pulled over, told the cop what had happened and, luckily, he was a kind and empathetic person who just said he completely understood and told me to take care on my way home.

And I did. But then on the narrow lane up to my house, I met another car. There was only room for one car, so I reversed until I reached a pull-in and then backed into it so that the other driver could pass.

Which is when I realized I couldn’t get back out again. I revved up the engine. but the wheels just skidded. I tried reversing further in the hope it would give me more traction, but felt the car clunk even further down and realized I had made it worse.

My car was well and truly stuck in a small ditch.

Luckily, I have a friend and neighbour who always knows what to do in these situations so, after I had stopped crying, I phoned him and he came straight down and towed me out.

And so, thanks to two kind people, I made it home safely and without an expensive fine.

Thank you, kind people. Hopefully I can pay it forward in the next few days.






2 thoughts on “Grateful

  1. Corinne McNamara

    I am so sorry about your mother-in-law. There is never a good time to hear sad news, but being away from home is probably the toughest. I am glad other people were kind and understanding and hope you and your family get all the support you need during this time.


  2. Lynn Como

    So sad regarding the death of your husbands mother. My sincere condolences you you both.
    Sorry too the stress of the news led you to these mishaps, and glad for you that kindness and help was at hand. What a day!
    Your drawings continue to grow and show your emotions so well!
    Hoping you can find some joy in the holiday season. Wishing you a healthy and happy new year.



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