I saw my therapist today. We talked about this project.

She told me she thinks it is an amazing achievement.

I told her that I looked back at some of the portraits yesterday and what struck me were two things:

  1. This IS an amazing achievement and an impressive body of work
  2. I have wasted a whole year of my life being unhappy.

I don’t want to waste the next year doing the same.




One thought on “Wasted?

  1. Kristy Brenner

    I thought of you this weekend. My husband found a movie on Netflix called About Time. It starts off as kind of a cute boy-meets-girl story with the added twist that the boy (and all men in his family) can selectively go back in time. Toward the end, the young man’s father says that his secret to happiness has been to finish every day by traveling back in time to relive it — minimizing the difficulties and really enjoying the good moments. At the very end, the young man explains that he tried that too for awhile but finally quit reliving days and, instead, just grabbed onto the good stuff as it was happening each day.
    I know that’s what you’re trying to do. And I know it’s not as easy as the movie made it sound. (What is?) But you’ve done something amazing. You’ve not only got a great reservoir of accomplishment from completing your project, you’ve created a great reservoir of resilience you didn’t have when you began. Wahoo!



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