In making my list of things I like about myself, I’m always tempted to revert to my normal form and just start listing the things I don’t like – SO. MUCH. EASIER.

But that’s not what I’m supposed to be doing. So when those things pop up, I will reverse them. I’ve always thought that a person’s greatest strengths are his or her greatest weaknesses when viewed from another angle, and the reverse is also true.

Today a friend, worried about the way I was viewing a situation and my resulting stress levels, told me: “the problem is that you over analyze everything … and you usually get it all wrong.”

This is very true. I do over think everything and I often draw negative conclusions that later prove to be wrong, but which seem utterly convincing to me at the time.

The situation I was over analyzing today was my dog. More specifically, whether my dog is happy when he goes to the daycare centre that I only send him to in order to give him a chance to play with other dogs (and therefore make him happy). I sometimes think he’s happy to go there and other times I worry that he’s not having as much fun as I’d hoped.

But here’s the thing … I over think this because I care. I over think it because I want to give my dog the best possible life and if I don’t try and work out what he wants, who will?

I am thoughtful about the needs of others. Yes, that sometimes means I make myself unnecessarily unhappy and I am working on that.  But being thoughtful and caring is something I like about myself.




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