10 Things?

One of my favourite bloggers is artist Danny Gregory. He wrote a post yesterday entitled “10 Things I Like About Me but…” It’s great. It inspired me to do the same.

But I got hung up instantly.

10 things?


I only just realized that I need to stop hating myself, let alone come up with that many things I like.

So I’ve decided to do one at a time until I run out. Maybe I’ll wind up with more than 10, maybe I’ll have less. Who knows? But I hope it will help me counteract that nattering, constantly negative, voice in my head.

So … number one.

I am strong.

I’ve not seen things that way until recently. I have seen myself as weak. Too emotional. I look at others and see how they are able to control their emotions while mine run amok and I chastise myself. “Crying again? Pull yourself together. This is ridiculous. At your age you should be more in control. And what do you have to cry about? You have food and a nice home and money. Stop it!”

But what I don’t ever say to myself is this:

“Despite being a naturally emotional person, despite being in a very stressful situation, despite sometimes feeling completely overwhelmed, you always do your best to be strong.

You rarely impose your emotions on people who have hurt you. You try so hard to stay in control. You don’t burden others by making them feel responsible for your unhappiness – even when they had a part to play. You never lash out in revenge. And no matter how hard you cried the night before, you get up at 7am and you start again.

You’re amazing.”




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