Over this last year I have learned a few things:

  1. You can’t look to other people for your happiness, you have to find it within yourself.
  2. Our happiness or unhappiness is shaped by our thoughts.
  3. Our thoughts are usually of remembered past (which doesn’t exist anymore) or imagined future (which doesn’t exist yet and might never) but rarely, if ever, of NOW.
  4. We can always think of things we don’t have and if we dwell on those, we will feel unhappy.
  5. Most (all?) unhappiness comes from resisting what is.

I’ve become fascinated with buddhist philosophy, since it addresses so much of the above, and that led me to yoga. At first it was just a weekly class with other middle-aged, physically challenged ladies, but those sessions gave me a glimpse of what yoga has to offer and I want more.

So this week I started a 30-day yoga bootcamp that I found on Youtube.  I’m interested to learn if it helps me tune out the negative thoughts, learn to be more present and appreciative, and come to accept what is without resistance.





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