Reality Check

Today I met a lovely woman. Strong, funny, warm, positive. Then we started talking and I heard her life story. Just a few highlights – her mum left the family home when she was 3. Her dad remarried a woman who was abusive to the kids. They kicked her out when she was 17. Shortly afterwards, she became pregnant, but the baby died inside her at 7 months. More recently she was diagnosed with a degenerative disease that will put her in a wheelchair within 5 years (she’s 50). She already suffers intermittent paralysis and neurological issues but they will get worse.

Two years ago, she was sexually assaulted in her own home by someone she trusted. The stress caused a nervous breakdown, which resulted in her being fired from a job she loved. Due to her illness, she can’t work anymore, so there’s no chance of finding another job.

And those are just some of the things she has had to endure.

Meeting her was a real wake-up call. My problems are minor in comparison. I hope I can remember that when I start to feel overwhelmed.




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