Everything You Know is Wrong

5 years ago, I decided – after 15+ years – that I wanted out of America.

I moved there with such big dreams and I did well in material terms, but as the years went by I came to understand the country I had moved to, and I came to understand that I simply didn’t belong there.

I don’t like guns. I don’t believe in God. I think American football is a barbaric sport that also manages to be incredibly boring. I don’t think the founding fathers were geniuses, or even all that smart. I don’t get the link between fighter jets and sporting events. And I think Bon Jovi is an affront to all music lovers.

I was out of place.

I began to realize it when Bill Clinton became president, did a damn good job, and was vilified anyway.

I understood it fully when Barack Obama became President and became a figure of hate. Seriously. That graceful, strong, ethical, smart, inspiring man became a figure of hate.

Clearly I was in the wrong place.

Don’t get me wrong. I don’t think we’re any better (we voted for Brexit for God’s sake!) but at least this is an insanity I understand and can live with. I’m not equipped for American insanity. I hope you true Americans have the fortitude to deal with this. We’re all rooting for you to make it through. For our sakes as much as for your own.

Today’s selfie is one of my favourites. A mixed media piece that captures how I feel.



2 thoughts on “Everything You Know is Wrong

  1. Kristy Brenner

    Interesting concept: an insanity one can understand and live with.
    Guess Americans are going to be finding out where this particular insanity falls on our personal scales. I haven’t bolted for the airport yet, but I’m eyeing my luggage.


  2. thebigshedart

    Louise, your third paragraph is a delight! OK I’m English but I did laugh out loud 😉 I imagine an unspoken, “There. I’ve said it.” afterwards. Sadly I share your sentiments regarding Barack Obama, which you have also put beautifully. I imagine there are quite a few Americans who would rather be coping with our special brand of insanity today. Anyway, let’s face it, they simply don’t have Yorkshire, so it’s really no contest. 🙂



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