Looked at a Different Way

There’s this thing in drawing … you can see your work more clearly if you take a photograph of it and look at the photograph. It helps when you know something is off with your piece but you don’t know what. But it also sometimes shows you that a ‘good’ drawing has issues.

There’s something about being immersed in the drawing process that means you get too close and can’t actually see properly.

This year has been a year in which I’ve learned the same thing is true in my life. I am sure I’m seeing things clearly. I am sure the logic behind my unhappiness makes perfect sense. And then I talk to a friend or to my therapist and suddenly I can see there’s a flaw in my thinking – sometimes more than one.

And seeing those flaws is so powerful. In art, seeing the flaw allows you to correct the drawing. In life, it allows you to correct your thinking.




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