Talking it Out

Sometimes I think about stopping therapy. It’s not cheap and I often feel I am getting nowhere. Today I went to see Mandy sure that I would say that we should stop our sessions. I have been extremely down this past few days and feel as though I am banging my head against the same wall and just getting a really bad headache.

But then we talked. I shared the things that were upsetting me. She listened and she asked questions, and then she suggested alternate ways of looking at the same circumstances, and all of a sudden I was happy to pay and make an appointment for next week. Because I feel SO much better.

I can’t ask my friends to keep listening to the same broken record (although I know they would if I asked) but I can pay Mandy to do it, and each time I pay her, she lifts the needle from the groove in the record, and things look brighter.

I realize I don’t look bright in this drawing but I was concentrating on the mirror and on drawing myself with my left hand!








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