Everyone talks about mindfulness these days. It’s a bit of a trend.

But I think that’s for good reason.

Because being mindful is about being aware. And usually our brains run on autopilot. We don’t know how they work or why they do what they do and we just leave them to it. That’s fine when they are serving us – but when those same brains are telling stories that make us unhappy, it helps to be able to step back and just become aware.

“Oh right,” we can think. “This is that old story about … (insert your story here). I’ve had these thoughts before and they often turn out to be totally unfounded.” And we can recall some of those times, and remind ourselves of just how wrong we were. And if we have been in therapy, we can take it further and remember why we have those thoughts in the first place.

“Right, we can say to ourselves, “I know exactly where this comes from. It’s an old pain coming back to haunt me in this present situation. But I can choose to remember that the two situations are not the same. Not even remotely. So my reaction, while it may make sense emotionally, makes absolutely NO sense in the real world.”

And in this way, mindfulness can help us. As it did me today.




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