Rescue Riley

My little rescue dog is called Riley.

We saved him, apparently.

Only now, I’m starting to see it differently.

When you first get a rescue dog, you think he’ll be grateful for anything you offer. You think he’ll be happy just to be with you.

Then you learn that he has his own agenda, his own desires, his own yearnings. He doesn’t necessarily need or want what you are offering … but if you listen, he will tell you what to do.

Our little rescue dog is called Riley.

I quickly learned that he doesn’t like walking along the road, that he gets bored with doing the same thing every day, and that he prefers to walk in a loop rather than in one direction and then back again.

This has meant I’ve had to find a variety of circular walks that pass mainly through fields or across moors. Oh and they need to accommodate his short legs (so no high stiles or deep bogs).

The upshot? In the last 2 months, I have learned more about the area around my home than I learned in the first 3 years that I lived here. I have seen some incredible views. I have got to know local people. And I have learned a whole new appreciation for the wonderful place in which I am lucky enough to live.

My worries and stressors don’t go away – but they have faded a little … eased into equal position with the things that make me grateful.

It begs the question … who is rescuing who?





2 thoughts on “Rescue Riley

  1. wedgroup, Nellie

    Ahhh…. The life of Riley.
    (A great TV show here in the states in the 50’s. And a reminiscent phrase even now. To lead the life of Riley is a good thing. )
    He’s a lucky dog to have you, and vice versa.



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