In the last few months I have started yoga classes, joined a gym and adopted a very energetic young dog. I’ve also just restarted my weekly life drawing classes, which had broken for the summer, and I have my usual 9-10 hours of work every day.

I made all those changes because I felt I was giving myself too much time to dwell. Too much time to think about the things that were making me unhappy. Not enough time doing things to actively make me happier.

I think I still need to find a little balance, because I am overdoing it at the moment, but I do think that I made good choices. I am really enjoying the gym when I can get there, yoga is very interesting, and my little dog is adorable, if exhausting. He is forcing me to get out and really explore the beautiful countryside around my home, and the extra exercise is good for me I’m sure (if only I didn’t feel so stiff all the time!).

It does all mean that I have much less time and energy to dwell on the negative, and that can only be a good thing.



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