Slogging Through

When I set myself the challenge to draw or paint my face every day for a whole year, I didn’t really know if I would keep it up. It seemed a little daunting.

Now we’re nearly at the end of September, I’m 263 selfies in and I think I will probably make it to the end.

I’m not sure if I have gained anything. It’s easy for me to see what I’ve lost (all the hours spent doing this when I could have been creating new work to sell or exhibit), but harder for me to see the positive aspects of the project.

I’ve realized I’m like that in life too. My therapist asked me to name the positive aspects of a situation that’s currently challenging me but I found I couldn’t name one. My mind just filled with negative thoughts and images and I became emotionally overwhelmed.

But now, a few days on, I see that there are positives … I just need to get used to spotting them. I figure the same is true of this project. The benefits might not be clear to me now, but one day I will understand what they were.



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