This Is What I Want

This is what I want.

This is what makes me happy.

This is what I don’t like.

This is what makes me sad.

Please do more of this.

Please don’t do that.

I want …

I need …

I wish for …

I long for …

I don’t want …

I hate it when …

I love it when …

These are things I have rarely – if ever – said.

But over the last year or so, I have begin to express them. Just occasionally, and only when I get really miserable, but still … baby steps.

And when I do speak out, the sky doesn’t fall. In fact, things generally get better for a time.

The revelation for me is this: By not speaking out, I have created my own misery. By accepting less than I need,  I have made myself unhappy.

I am the architect of it all. And if that’s true, I have the power to make everything better.





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