I Wasn’t Expecting That

Tonight was my second yoga class. The first one was OK, but nothing special, so I wasn’t particularly looking forward to this one.

I went into it in a terrible frame of mind. I had been crying on and off all day and I wanted nothing more than to stay in bed all day. But I had work to do, and a new dog who needs me, and a 12 year-old’s birthday cake to make, and I paid for this class so I was determined to go, dammit!

Boy, am I glad I made myself go! I walked in there feeling emotionally bruised and battered and I came out feeling centred, calm and even – dare I say it – content! I have NO idea how that happened. I can’t imagine how it works – but work it did.




PS: I named this post after this amazing song.


One thought on “I Wasn’t Expecting That

  1. alisonogle

    Yoga is amazingly powerful for balancing, soothing and relaxing when necessary. If you have noticed any positive response in yourself, stick with it, because it will heal, soothe, strengthen, correct and nurture you. (also you become strong, flexible, balanced, toned and happy, but thats just the physical effects!!)



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