Acting on Values

I’m pressing on with “The Happiness Trap” and finding it interesting and valuable.

A key concept is that pain is inevitable. Therefore the best way to deal with it is to accept it fully – without resistance, self-criticism, judgment – and then carry on with your life, taking action in line with what truly matters to you in life.

It sounds simplistic, but it really does work. You experience a sad or troublesome thought and instead of running through the familiar stories in your head, you simply feel the feeling – locate it in your body – then experience it fully, breathing slowly and deeply (but without the stories you normally tell to amplify/resist the feeling) and then go do something that matters to you.

I’ve been fighting the darkness all day but I finished my work for the week, baked a big batch of cakes and cookies to raise money  for a local dog rescue, spent quality time with my new dog Riley, and got in an hour at the gym. That’s a day spent in line with the things that matter to me and yes, there was pain in the background, but it was in the background and that’s progress.



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