Not Fighting

For today’s drawing, I used only one watercolour pencil (indigo) and a little water. I like the effect.

I’m continuing reading The Happiness Trap and I recommend it. He covers concepts that others have covered before, but in a very practical, straightforward way that is helping me to finally apply the ideas.

Today’s chapter was about accepting an emotion without any resistance. I have read about this idea before and tried to practice it with some success, but in this book there are step-by-step instructions on how to do it very effectively. And it may sound weird, but it’s true that when you stop fighting an emotion, and just experience it fully, it passes over quite quickly. Of course, if you have a longstanding problem the feeling will come back but, when it does, you can just accept it again – make room for it, truly experience how it feels within your body without explaining it, fighting it, telling yourself you shouldn’t be feeling it, questioning it …. just feel it and then carry on with your day.

I am not explaining it as well as the book does, but it’s really worth buying and reading if you struggle with sadness, expression, anxiety, or stress.




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