My therapist has been on holiday for a month. I haven’t seen her for more like 6 weeks. It was challenging.

I saw her today and we talked about the voice. She asked me to work on appreciating that the voice isn’t me. It’s my mum or my dad or the friend who rejected me or my first boyfriend or whoever…I know who it is, but  it doesn’t matter to you. What matters is that the voice IS NOT me (and therefore that your voice IS NOT you).

So those disturbing thoughts that live in our heads are just that … thoughts and not even our own thoughts.

So I’m to practice distancing from them when they come. Just to acknowledge their existence with a wry smile, but not attach great meaning or significance to them.

We also talked about Facebook and about how the unreality of that medium can cause real harm, because no-one is presenting their real story on there. Or at least, not the whole story. The only whole story you know is your own, and so you compare that to the partial, airbrushed, perfect-seeming lives of everyone around you, and you come up short. Every. Damn. Time.

It made me think that this blog is like the anti-Facebook. There’s no way I can be accused of airbrushing my life 🙂

Mandy also recommended a book, The Happiness Trap, that sounds exactly what I need. I downloaded it. Now I just have to find the time to actually read it.




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