The Life of Riley

Today was all about my new dog, Riley.

He got a walk first thing then, at lunchtime, we took him out for a trip in the car to a local village. We walked him in a loop around the village, from the top to the bottom, and then he still wanted to keep walking, so we did some exploring up a footpath we never knew existed.

Then we took him for his first visit to a pub, where he turned out to be a perfect angel. He made new friends and then laid down at our feet and fell asleep while we had a Sunday lunchtime tipple.

Our neighbour came round when we got home and his little boy played with Riley outside while we talked.

And then he got another walk after he ate his dinner. He’s now passed out and I am pooped too!

I need an early night because tomorrow I have the gym in the morning, then I’m taking a beginner’s yoga class in the evening. Somewhere in between, I need to vacuum the house, walk Riley, and get some work done. Oh well – I wanted distractions!



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