Am I Doing it Right?

I recently decided that one of the only ways to get over my issues was to take action. To make a plan and then carry it out, rather than sitting around dwelling on the things that make me unhappy.

Phase 1 was to get a rescue dog and focus on training and caring for him. It’s a lot of work and for a few days I wondered if I had done the wrong thing, but I think he will be good for me and he certainly limits the time I have for wallowing.

Phase 2 was to work on my spiritual health. This is something I have never focused on, but I’m finding that my combination of non-religious prayer/meditation with lots and lots of reading is really helping. It helps take me out of my own head, it makes me less selfish and it reminds me that what I want isn’t always what is actually the best thing for me and for other people.

Phase 3 is working on my physical health. If I am to start treating myself right, I need to treat my body better than I have been doing. So I joined a gym and today I went for my induction. I have a feeling that I won’t be able to move tomorrow, but hey … baby steps.

But here’s the problem. Each of these things is time-consuming. They work to halt the pity parties (because I don’t have the time or energy to hold them) but have I taken on too much? Is this the right thing to do or would I be better off just wallowing and not wearing myself out? Or going to the doc and asking for a prescription?

I have no idea. What I do know is that I had to stay up until midnight last night and then then get up today at 6am because the dog has a stomach issue and can’t last all night; then I was at the gym by 8.30 and stayed there to work out after the induction; then I had to cram a full day’s work into the remaining 5 hours (while also taking a break to entertain the dog at lunchtime) and then he needed a walk at 5pm, and now I have to make dinner … my energy for drawing myself is low, so this was done on a scrap of paper and from memory.

The good news – I haven’t really cried today and I doubt I’ll have the energy. Maybe I am doing it right after all 🙂




2 thoughts on “Am I Doing it Right?

  1. Corinne McNamara

    I like your plan. I’ve been working on changes, and like you, find it hard to fit everything into a day. Audio books are helpful -sometimes for self-improvement and sometimes for escape. I like to listen while walking, driving, doing dishes, etc. Now, I’m working on building a walking habit (don’t like gyms!). I thought walking would take up too much of my day, but morning walks have actually been good for my energy and mood. Small steps….


    1. Louise Post author

      Hi Corinne, I’m glad you’re also making positive changes. We can encourage each other 🙂 I too like my walks, and I had hoped that having a dog would mean I got more exercise, but at the moment he’s not too keen on going far so I need the gym as well!



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