One Step Up


Yesterday I said I seem to take one step up and two steps back.

Today I feel I took a few steps up.

I bonded a little more with my new dog. (As I write this, his head is resting my my foot as we both lie on the sofa after a long walk).

I meditated and found a new insights that ave me some strength and helped me feel less emotionally bruised.

And I signed up for a gym. Because I want to start taking better care of myself both spiritually and physically.



There is something I feel I need to say. I know from private messages and emails that some readers worry about me and wonder if I am suffering from depression. Please don’t worry – I’m tougher than I sound – and also please understand that my struggles relate to specific challenges that (I think) would make anyone unhappy.

I choose not to share the details, but if you knew them I think you’d understand.

So while I understand that tablets might ease the pain I sometimes feel, I tend to think that we are challenged for a reason and that, if we numb the pain, we only prolong the problem. Better to just head straight into it, so we can come out the other side.

I do wish there was a shortcut but there is not. So here I am, rowing my little boat in the storm just hoping that one day I will be out the other side.

But to everyone who has contacted me and everyone who cares – thank you!



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