I’m tired of myself tonight.

I’m tired of the same thoughts.

I’m tired of chewing over the same issue over and over again.

I’m tired of wishing things weren’t the way they are.

I’m tired of thinking I feel better and then realizing a few weeks later that I’m back to square one.

This portrait isn’t a good likeness … but I think it conveys my mood.




2 thoughts on “Tired

  1. Lynn CoMo

    You are such a work in progress! And really this IS what life is like! Your drawing journal is much like a written journal for you showing the ups and downs of life’s roller coaster ride! The fact that you can draw how you “feel” is extraordinary! This will be a learning experience not only for you, but also for many many others lucky enough to see it, especially others suffering from depression/ anxiety! I wish I had been able to follow you when I was much younger and depressed/anxious! I wish I could get all my clients drawing like you are! It will be healing!



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