Let It Go

I had a bit of an epiphany tonight. I realized that when you spend time chewing over a problem or situation that is bothering you, you give that situation power over you.

I’m sure some of you are reading this and saying ‘DUH!’ and I’m with you – I should have figured this out … but hey, I’m slow!

So I am working on focusing on things that fulfil me, on things that can either make me a better person or make me a happier person.

Today I spent time with this little guy.


My neighbours’ dogs had puppies and he’s one of them. He’s 8 weeks old but he has the demeanor of an 86 year-old with issues.

He’s for sale. I might buy him.

I also worked on a new website for my art. I have a site but it’s hard to update and I tend to avoid it. I need an easy-to-work-on site that I can keep constantly updated. I got quite a long way on the development (hampered by the need to use one hand to hug a crying puppy – see above).

And finally, I went for a long walk and I ran part of the way! (If you knew how out of shape I am, you would know what an achievement this is).

Each of these things gave me satisfaction in different ways. Each of them prevented me from throwing a pity party for myself.



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