Taking My Own Advice

Today I was let down.

It wasn’t a big let-down, but it felt big.

The other person apologized. I accepted the apology but the sadness and resentment lingered.

I started to wallow but then I remembered my own advice. Feel the disappointment, without layering all the stories over the top. Because the truth is that any time a friend or family member doesn’t do as I expected, what I read into that is: “You don’t care about me.”

And what lays behind that thought is: “Because I am not worth caring about.”

But what I need to remember is something I saw on a Youtube video: People do what they do based on who they are and the information they have at the time.”

It’s nothing to do with me. It’s not personal!

So I cried, but then I stopped. I’m getting better at that.











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