People who write to you and say ‘can I buy that painting?’ and then, when you give them a perfectly reasonable – in fact lowball – price, they say ‘Oh that’s a bit too expensive.’

My prices are so low that I can’t imagine what they were expecting! I think people just don’t realize how many hours go into a painting – or they just don’t value what artists do.

Anyway, we move on. I like this combination of scarlet and blue – I find I always like the effects of a limited palette.



After my last post, I was asked for my reading list. Honestly, I have read a lot of rubbish but every now and then I came across a diamond.

I must have read this article 100 times.

I watched every Byron Katie video on Youtube and read her book I Need Your Love. Is it True?

I love this book. I read everything by Pema Chodron.

There are lots of others. But, to be honest, these may not be the things that help you. They spoke to me because they directly addressed my needs. But yours will be different.

I think it’s a case of googling, and book browsing, and reading a lot of stuff that just doesn’t apply. I think it’s a case of doing the work …




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