If you use WordPress for your blog, you get a one-word prompt every day. I usually ignore them, but today’s caught my eye. The one word was “unstoppable.”

A few months ago, I made a commitment to start caring for myself more. To start paying as much attention to my own needs and goals as I had to other peoples’ needs. To start looking after myself instead of hoping someone else would do it. As part of that, I decided to start working on my art career. That meant creating more art, but also it meant getting my work in front of people.

I applied for two group exhibitions, and I was accepted for both. Neither are high-profile or prestigious shows – but they are shows. Members of the public will see my work. That’s such a wonderful feeling.

Today I went to hang my work at one of these exhibitions.

I am so proud of the pieces I’m showing. My work looks really strong. I used to feel apologetic for my art -I would worry that it wasn’t ‘real’ art. That it didn’t live up to the work surrounding it. Today, I felt none of that. I think that’s partly my new found confidence, but also partly because I have found my way artistically. I know what I’m doing and why. I understand that not everyone will like what I do, but I’m OK with that. I like it and I genuinely believe it has merit and that’s all that matters to me.

And that’s where the one-word prompt comes in …looking at my work in that context today, I felt unstoppable. And the thing is, I think we are ALL unstoppable. The only thing that prevents us from acting as if we are unstoppable is our own lack of self-belief.

This evening, I watched a recording of Barack Obama’s speech at the Democratic convention. The night before, I watched his wife’s. Both were amazing speeches by confident, strong, proud, incredibly impressive people. People who, despite all the odds, were (are) unstoppable simply because they didn’t set any limits on themselves – and didn’t accept the limits imposed by others.

Today I am proud of myself for creating all that work, and I am excited about what I might do next. Because I am unstoppable. And so are you.




This self-portrait is #209 in a 365-day series . You can see the others by clicking here.


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