I take on too much. Most of you are women, so you know what I’m talking about. Assuming responsibility for everyone’s well-being and then sometimes feeling resentful about all we have taken on.

Today was one of those days. But just when I felt it was all too much, a friend stepped in and took some of the worry away. It was a silly worry – not life or death (a broken garage door that I feared would cost me a lot of money – not cancer or poverty or death in the family). But still, it was a worry and then he stepped in and offered his help and the huge (imagined) bill shrank to almost nothing and it was a reminder of two things: 1) there are plenty of people who care about me and look after me and 2) so much of our stress is unnecessary. I worried because I imagined the huge bill for a new door. My stomach tightened and I got a headache and I imagined foregoing other things I want …. but it was all a fantasy. It didn’t happen.

How much of what we worry about can be put into that category?

Tonight’s drawing is my first blind drawing in a while.



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