Good Company

I was working hard today on my final collage for the upcoming show, and feeling the pressure of deadlines, but I had stress relief in the form of my 9 year-old neighbour Morgan, who asked if he could paint with me.

He painted a cow while I worked on my collage and we chatted as we worked.

He’s a very literal little boy – practical, straightforward, totally lacking in artifice – so he really doesn’t get why I don’t just make things look exactly like real life.

A few years ago, I showed him a series of paintings – as I had become more confident, the images had moved more towards abstraction. He looked for a while, then looked up at me with a puzzled expression and asked “how come the more you do, the worser you get?”

Good question!


I’m happy with my new collage but I can’t show it to you because it’s currently resting under a pile of heavy books while the glue sets.

But here is one I am framing tomorrow. It’s called Nothing Lasts Forever, and it’s a montage made up of pieces of earlier paintings.



4 thoughts on “Good Company

  1. opal

    I love how you tell the story of your Morgan…what a jewel to be able to see things so defined…black or white…no gray! I like your collage piece very much. It is very much like building a collage with fabric using bits and pieces of this and that….cast offs, left overs, do overs, and the uglies….and somehow when they are layered and play together next to next, magic happens, just as your piece is a bit of magic. I’m not suggesting the pieces you used were in the same categories that I referred to, but just the transformation of a piece of ‘this’ into a whole piece with all those voices layered one on another to become a melody. Lovely work Louise.


    1. Louise Post author

      Thanks so much! And your description is spot on. These were all failed experiments that I had stuffed into a drawer. Now they have new life and I’m thrilled 🙂



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