I May Have Something …

I applied for a juried exhibition a few months ago. I didn’t expect to be accepted (I never do) but I submitted 4 pieces, thinking there was a chance they might choose one.

Turns out (as is often the case in the art world) that they hadn’t communicated properly.

Actually, any artist who was accepted was to get a 12 foot by 4 foot space.And I was accepted.

So yay! And yikes! Because the theme of the exhibition is the 200th anniversary of Turner’s visit sketching and painting to the Yorkshire Dales.  And Turner isn’t famous for his cows. Which meant I needed to come up with a lot of landscape paintings in a short time.

I really thought I was screwed. And yet … under the pressure I have turned what I felt were failed paintings into pictures I’m really proud of. I’ve added to them, or painted over them, or used them to make collages. And the end result is that I am hanging a body of work of which I am truly proud.

I’ve surprised myself – I think I may actually have a little bit of talent. That’s the first time I’ve ever said that.

To anyone.

Even myself.


Here are my pieces for the exhibition. I laid them out on the living room floor so I could decide how to hang them and, once I had the right arrangement, I took a panorama shot. I love how I caught my toes as I moved along the pictures 🙂



12 thoughts on “I May Have Something …

  1. Andrea

    Congratulations! That’s so exciting! I love your cows- I’d love to see some close ups of the landscapes too!


  2. Jo sumara

    Awesome. I love your cows and I remember a collage landscape you posted before. I loved them all. Congratulations. I look forward to seeing a post of your exhibit.


  3. Sharon Gorberg

    Thrilled for you Louise! I think you may be the hardest working artist I know and you certainly are reaping the rewards. More power to you lady!!!


  4. Wedgroup,nellie

    Dear talented Louise, i hope your days are filled with smiles and luscious studio messes cause it results in new yummy work. I really
    Ike the new landscapes. Kudos to you


  5. renaissancewoman001

    A BIG congratulations! So wonderful! And yes, you have Talent with a capital T!! But donmt give up the cows–love the cows!!! :))


  6. janiceprc

    Way to go!! All your readers are aware of your amazing talent. It’s that darn self-critic that keeps you from self-recognition. So happy you’re not listening to it!!



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