Deadline Approaching!

Any day now, I will be asked to submit a list of paintings for this group exhibition. 

The problem is, I am still creating the paintings! I submitted 4 paintings for consideration, but when my work was accepted, I learned that each artist actually gets a 12 foot by 4foot space to exhibit – far bigger than my four paintings!

That means that when my day’s work is finished and I’ve made and eaten dinner, it’s out to the studio to work on creating enough pictures to fill the space.

And of course, first I have to do my selfie!


Today I had a familiar meltdown – or at least the beginnings of one. But I am increasingly able to separate myself from my emotions … to watch them in action as if watching a movie. One thing I’ve noticed is that if I stop the soundtrack in my head that runs on a continuous loop of bad news and doom-laden projections – and just FEEL the emotions instead – those emotions dissipate quite quickly.


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