Accepting What Comes

I had an idea for this portrait. It would be painted in delicate shades of blue and would convey the budding happiness I’ve been feeling.

But the blue painting wasn’t working, so I kept adding to it. I added randomly, with whatever felt right.

I used to feel this made me a bad artist. Surely the “good artists” all knew exactly what they were doing. They planned their colour palette from the start, and then executed it perfectly.

And I’m sure that’s how it works for some artists.

But I’m starting to realize that there’s nothing wrong with those of us who have a different process. Those who work intuitively. Those who throw different things at the wall until they find just the right combination that sticks.

Sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn’t.

And sometimes, the end result is nothing like you imagined … but maybe it has value anyway.




4 thoughts on “Accepting What Comes

  1. thebigshedart

    You show great mastery of creating depth and character with what could be described as simply splodges of paint. But your splodges are skilfully just the right size, just the right shape, with the light between them in just the right places! Look at the slivers of light running from your nostrils to the corners of your mouth. And at the edge of your right cheek. Perfect! Full of life. I think your instinct as you paint knows exactly where it’s going. 🙂



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