Interesting Question

My therapist asked me what my friends like about me.

I told her about my neighbour’s child, who has some learning difficulties and used to have behavioural issues too. He likes me and, for the last few years, he has spent a lot of time with me. I recounted how I met his grandma recently, and how she told me “you’ve been really good for him.”

“It’s because I accept him as he is,” I told Mandy. “I don’t judge him, I don’t ask him to be anything other than exactly who he is, and I love him no matter what.”

“Interesting,” she said. “I wonder why you can’t do that for yourself?”





3 thoughts on “Interesting Question

  1. burningtulip

    I simply love the crookedness of your drawing set paralell to the question of the day-week-month-or even lifetime. Omg, the beauty in the imperfection, the acceptance of being different, unique, somebody else, that’s what we are missing from ourselves, working up to irrelaistic, non achievable cloudy dreams. And it’s not worth at all, believe me. I’ve been trying it for such a long time…. ❤️


    1. Louise Post author

      Thanks so much. I hadn’t thought of the crookedness of the drawing that way, but you’re right of course. It fits perfectly. The struggle is how to accept those things we don’t like …

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