It’s Not Always in Our Control

I used to love Moleskine watercolour sketchbooks, but I think I’m going to have to give up on them. This last one that I bought is, quite simply, rubbish.

The colours just sit on top of the paper and never seem to dry. So, even if you walk away and then come back and do something else for half an hour, the colours still bleed into each other and lose all their vibrancy.

It’s annoying, because when you find the perfect sketchbook, you think you have it all sorted.

But, just as in every other facet of life, nothing stays the same, everything changes. The key is to be flexible and find a new way forward.

I’m almost at the end of this book so, with some sadness, I just ordered a different brand.





3 thoughts on “It’s Not Always in Our Control

  1. Kristy Brenner

    Nice smile from someone who just had to accommodate the disappointment of losing her favorite sketchbooks. Looks so good on you. By the way, I agree that flexibility is so important in surviving the loss of the things we have come to like and rely on — and I hate it! 😁 😄

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  2. thebigshedart

    I’m with Krisry, good to see a smile in the face of life’s annoyances! I used to hoard Mokeskines, but revered them so much I could never bring myself to use them :-/ . I’ve not bought any for a couple of years or more, and have heard so many times that the quality now isn’t what it was, I think I’m cured. Shame though. Nevertheless, your colours do really work in this one.

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