Daily Archives: June 28, 2016


I have been getting some lovely comments recently. Thank you. It’s somehow comforting to think there are others out there who are experiencing similar feelings to mine.

It helps, I think, to know that our particular problems are not unique. That we’re not alone, however much it might sometimes seem that way.

And it helps me to think that my explorations might be making a difference to someone else in some small way.

This past week has been a real blessing. I feel something has shifted. And it’s shifted because I did two things I don’t normally do:

  1. I questioned my beliefs.
  2. In a specific situation that has been causing me stress, I expressed my feelings honestly but without blame.

When I questioned my beliefs, I saw that things look very different if viewed from another angle. And I saw that my repetition of negative thoughts was a form of self-harm.

When I expressed myself honestly, the other person responded with understanding and kindness. And when that happened, I saw that I was loved.

Constantly thinking negative thoughts and failing to express my needs was a downward spiral – the more I did it, the further I sank.

And it turns out that the opposite is true. If you think positive thoughts and express yourself honestly and calmly, you start to move upwards – like swimming up from the bottom of a very deep lake.

It has only been one week and I am sure I will struggle again. But if I do, I plan to re-read these last few posts and hold on tight to what I have learned.

I hope you can do the same xxx

This is my first selfie done entirely without lines. It’s flawed in many ways, but I think it expresses the fluidity of my feelings just now, as I let go of the longstanding perceptions that have not served me well.