Nice Feedback

One of the changes I have vowed to make is to work harder on making a name for myself with my art. I did a little bit a few years ago but, when this depression hit, I let things slide.

But recently I have been painting again, and a few months ago, I submitted two paintings for an exhibition about animals coming up in July. One of them, a cow portrait, has been accepted (yay me!)

Today I took the painting into a local art shop to be framed. The lady who was helping me said “ooh that’s nice” when I put the painting on the counter. Then her husband, who does the framing, came out and said “I like that! Who did it?” By this point, I was feeling quite smug, but then a well-spoken middle aged lady snuck a look over my shoulder and made approving noises. She was behind me as I left and she called “I like your cow!” I stopped to wait for her and we talked as we walked to the car park.

As we were parting, I asked what she painted and where she lived. She told me the name of the town and said she mainly painted landscapes. Then off she went.

It wasn’t until I was driving home that I put two and two together and realized that she is a very well-known, very successful local landscape artist.

The first time I’ve gone out publicly with my work in quite some time, and I get accepted in an exhibition and get lovely comments from a framer and a highly regarded artist.

Yay me!

This selfie really doesn’t reflect my mood. I drew it blind then did the shading/hatching afterwards. I look like an angry convict.











6 thoughts on “Nice Feedback

    1. Louise Post author

      Thanks – the thing I learned is that no-one can respond if you don’t give them anything to respond to 🙂


  1. Corinne

    Yeah, you! This week, I was asked how often I promote myself and post my work on social media — I became aware that I’m in the “inconsistent or seldom” category. Need to pay more attention to my self-talk, too.


    1. Louise Post author

      It’s amazing how we put our heart and soul into our art and then neglect it. It deserves to be seen and only we can make that happen.


    1. Louise Post author

      It’s funny Kristy, I could hear a voice trying to stop me feeling good. It was picking at the things the artist had said, looking for inflections or ‘off’ words that might mean her compliment wasn’t as good as it sounded. I just told myself that she followed me out of the store and shouted to get my attention. There was absolutely no need for her to do that. So the stupid little voice can just shut up and go away!



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