Daily Archives: June 5, 2016

I Swear There is Nowhere Better

There is nowhere better than the Yorkshire Dales on a beautiful summer day. There may be many places that are more spectacular and many that are as lovely … but there is nowhere better. Period. End of story!

This morning, I spent a few happy hours in the garden.

Then we went out for lunch and sat on the terrace of a beautiful country pub overlooking a glorious valley.

When we came home, my neighbour came round with new goldfish for my pond (long story!) and while he sorted out the fish, his little boy watered my plants.


IMG_2389 (1)

Then as evening set in, but the air stayed warm, I made a cold dinner of various salads and quiche and we sat out on the patio to eat and drink a nice cold glass of wine.

If every day could be like this …

Meanwhile, tonight’s selfie is another blind drawing, and this time it’s a little closer than normal. Maybe I’m getting better at drawing without seeing or maybe I just know my face off my heart now.

IMG_2401 (1)