I posted my last portrait on a popular Facebook drawing group, and someone helpfully suggested that if I wanted to draw realistic portraits, I should spend some time looking in the mirror and drawing every day.

Been doing that for 5 months so far – guess it’s not working!

Seriously though, once upon a time that comment would have really upset me. But things are different now. I know what I’m doing, what I’m working towards. I have successes and I have failures, but it’s unlikely that anyone else but me would know which is which.

IMG_2327 (1).jpg


5 thoughts on “Spatter

  1. Corinne

    This drawing is lovely – the expression, the line, the color, and the spatter go together well. I know what you mean about people’s comments – I get them, too. I’m still working on not letting them bother me – but I think it depends on who it is.


  2. thebigshedart

    I thought that was a very odd comment when I read it. Who wants to draw ‘perfect’ portraits?! I sensed a correlation with desiring a ‘perfect figure’ or a ‘flawless complexion’. One of my favourite lessons from early on was that wonky rools! 🙂 (I say this as a person who is ‘perfectly’ wonky in so many ways.) Your portraits are wonderful – full of character and expression (just like your cows). That drawing them is also helping you makes them valuable beyond measure.


  3. Lynn Cohen

    You are right as I see no failures here, only successes. In fact your successes are multi layered! I’m so enjoying seeing your body of work grow! As you grow! Thanks for being so open and honest!


  4. Louise Post author

    Thanks everyone – I’m amazed that you all show up to look every day but so grateful to have you with me on this weird and wonderful journey 🙂

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