That’s Why She Gets the Big Bucks

When I told a down-to-earth friend of mine that I am seeing a therapist, he said “but you have to give her money!”

I do indeed … but she more than earns it.

Today she threaded together multiple disparate strands of my garbled, rambling thoughts, and helped me come to a coherent  explanation for aspects of my personality and behaviour that have mystified (and upset) me for longer than I can remember.

We all know the cliche of the lightbulb, but this was like a hundred lightbulbs coming on, one by one, as I started to connect the dots and finally make sense of what I had always seen as inexplicable.

I know this new understanding won’t instantly fix all my problems, but maybe it will help me when the depression and anxiety hit, so that instead of being swept away, I have something to hold on to.

Meantime, I had a life drawing session this evening and, while we were waiting to start, I sketched this quick selfie from memory, using some new charcoal I’m trying out.

One of my fellow artists came to have a look and she wants me to tell you that I’m better looking than this.

Needless to say, she’s my new best friend.





5 thoughts on “That’s Why She Gets the Big Bucks

  1. Connie

    My mother-in-law used to say, as she put on her lipstick without a mirror, “I’ve had these lips a long time.” You’ve had your face a long time and I’m so impressed that you know it as well as you do!



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