A-ha Moment

So I’ve known for a while that our thoughts are what makes us happy or unhappy.

An unpopular person who has no idea that people think she is insensitive and annoying, can quite happily go through life believing everyone loves her (exhibit A: Donald Trump). Meantime, another person can feel miserable in his belief that everyone looks down on him, when actually, most people think very highly of him.

Our thoughts create our reality and, in my case, my thoughts are my enemy.

I constantly see and dwell on what I don’t have while totally overlooking what I do. And, faced with an event requiring interpretation, I I jump to whatever conclusion is certain to make me the most unhappy. But I am so SURE that my conclusion is the right one. After all, I am intuitive and perceptive. I often see things others don’t (this actually is true) so surely any perception I have must be the right one?

But yesterday, I was smacked in the face with the fact this is just. not.true.

I noticed something. I jumped to the conclusion that was most hurtful to me. I reacted. And then I found out that, not only was the truth not what I had imagined … it was kind of the opposite. The truth actually made me happy.

For once, I had expressed my unhappiness (which is how I discovered the truth). But how many times have I assumed things without being able to check? How many times have I made myself miserable for no reason?

Will I learn? I really hope so. Because I hate being miserable and so much of the time, it’s completely unnecessary.




2 thoughts on “A-ha Moment

    1. Louise Post author

      Thanks Corinne – They always feel arbitrary but I suspect you’re right and that they actually reflect how I’m feeling



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