Green, Blue & Karma

Today I listened to a lecture on Youtube by an American female bhuddist called Pema Chodron. She talked about karma, and how we repeat the same negative patterns until we have worked though them and resolved them. I certainly know that I do it, and that this last few years has been a huge karmic test, where I replay and replay the same issues.

But in my work, I feel I also tend to repeat the same patterns. To try and combat that, I started challenging myself by exploring watercolour. Recently, I have been shaking things up by drawing blind, but I have also become quite comfortable with my colours.  Since this 365-day challenge is about constantly challenging myself, I don’t want to let that happen.

At my life drawing session last week, I used green in a way I haven’t before and I really liked the effect.


See it on the feet and lower knee? I just love it.

So today’s selfie is in blue, green and my usual staple of purple.

It’s hard to keep shaking things up, and it’s so tempting to fall back into the same comfortable patterns. They’re comfortable for a reason. But somehow I feel it’s important not to let that happen this time. In art or in life.




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