My 80th portrait. Honestly, I wasn’t sure I’d get this far.

I think the secret has been that I am not being too precious about the work.

That’s usually a big failing of mine. My life drawing teacher joked last week about making me paint with a floor broom because I was being so finicky with my brush strokes.

But with these images, I rarely take more than 20 minutes, which means it’s not too much of a time burden, which in turn means I haven’t yet felt like shirking.

Have any of you taken on a challenge like this? Did you hit a wall at any point?


(See the other 79 portraits here.)


5 thoughts on “80

  1. opal

    I follow you every day Louise….and I know how brave you are to take on this challenge. Sheesh….why do we put ourselves through these wringers? lol I, too, love and respond to challenges. They keep me engaged and challenged. I did a self portrait a day challenge in January when you started. A friend sent me your link and a few words about your art. I have been in awe since then. Happy Birthday, dear Louise! My s/p’s were what they are. Hard to look at most of the time, wonky and painted badly, and I could make quite a list of all the faults I find. But, I did it. And I learned each time I started a new page. Your work has moved me along. I am 72…and didn’t discover my love for sketching and drawing until my 62nd birthday. My passion at that time was fabric, and still, fabric ranks high in my heart’s choices. But line and space and ink and watercolor blots and such capture my all.

    You are a beautiful woman. I see wit, intellect, curiosity, and a gentleness in your face. I wish I knew you personally.

    Thank you for your work.

    opal jean cocke

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  2. Alma holt

    I love following your blog and seeing your drawings. And think you are so brave to share this journey. Thank you. Your searching has meaning for so many of us.



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