Did you see what I did there?

Today, a dear friend made me feel totally loved and totally accepted for exactly who I am. Made me feel that my flaws were not flaws – or rather, made me feel that they didn’t even exist.

For a few hours, I was happy. It’s a wonderful feeling to know that someone has truly seen you, and, having seen you, decided that they won’t run away screaming 🙂

But then my mind kicked in. It started to undermine my happiness in all sorts of ways. It doesn’t even matter what they were … what matters is that, when the undermining process started, I was able to step back and watch it happening.

This is huge progress for me, because once you observe that negative voice trying to bring you down, once you see it for what it is, it just doesn’t have the same power. Yes it nibbled at the edges of my happiness, but it only got a few tiny bites before I understood what was happening, and just chose to shut it down.

A good day 🙂





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