One of Those Days

It snowed all day. I had loads of work to do. Stuff got in the way. I got stressed out.

Plus, despite eating the healthiest diet you can imagine, fat stubbornly clings to my body, a fact I reflected on grimly while my slim husband and slim neighbour ate cookie after cookie after cookie this morning. Yes, I know I feel more alert and more cheerful because of the broccoli – but damn it would be nice to lose a few pounds too!

This evening, I set out to meet my oldest friend for a drink. On the train, I tried to read my book but I kept getting distracted by the feeling of my skirt cutting into my skin when it used to be loose. I could swear I was actually gaining weight on that 20 minute train ride. BUT I ONLY HAD SALAD FOR LUNCH AND NO DINNER YET! NOT POSSIBLE!


So we arrive at the bar and order our drinks and as we sit down, Judith says: “something is different about you. What have you been doing? You look gorgeous!”

Yay broccoli!

And memo to self: The way you feel does not necessarily reflect reality.




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