Finally today it stopped raining and I actually got out for a walk. Such a nice (and rare) feeling to be outside and it set me up for the rest of the day.


I was at life drawing class tonight and wound up working next to my favourite artist in the group. She used purple and yellow pastel in her drawing and the combination looked fantastic, so when I got home, I used it for my selfie.

This is one of my favourites so far. I like the colour layering and the line on top and I think I continue to capture my improved mood, which I totally credit to today’s meals (big fruit salad for breakfast; mashed avocado, spinach and tomato on toasted wholewheat bread followed by watermelon for lunch; and spicy red lentil and tomato soup for dinner. YUM!) Best of all, the chocolate cake I made over the weekend remains untouched in the fridge. Not because I’m telling myself I can’t have it, but because I don’t want to spoil how I’m feeling, so I’m choosing to leave it.

Does anyone want a slice of chocolate cake?




2 thoughts on “Sunshine!

  1. Connie

    Oh, Louise. I am beginning to feel as if I know you. It seems weird to say I am enjoying your struggles, but I think what I mean is that I love that you are so honest in your struggles and I celebrate with you in your joy. Your selfie for yesterday was joyous. I could see such a change and it made me happy. I so admire this project and your sticking to it. I know we’ll be great friends at the end of the year.



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