I think I’ve written before about kindness. About how I am kind to everyone but myself.

But I think that is changing.

My new healthy diet is about changing that.

As is the fact I just bought an electric toothbrush … and started flossing!

(And if it ever stops raining here, I will make sure to walk every day.)

I think in the past I have discounted myself as someone not worthy of attention. Not consciously of course, but subconsciously. These selfies have been part of helping me really pay attention to myself for once.

Not in a vain way (I hope). But they have helped me see that I just may be worth as much as anyone else. And if that’s true, then I should  take care of myself the way I take care of other people (and pets and plants and other people’s pets and other peoples’ plants etc etc).

I think this project really is changing things for me.








3 thoughts on “Kind

  1. Lynn CoMo

    Oh, this is my favorite thus far! Something about the hand by your face, the warmth in your eyes, shows love coming through ! Awesome, Louise! And I applaud your self care plan of action you’ve started! I always say unless we fill up our own vehicle first, ( our own body) we’ll have no energy to give to anyone else. So there is nothing selfish about this at all, it’s a necessity!

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    1. Louise Post author

      I’m just beginning to get that Lynn. I think I always saw caring for myself as a self-indulgence. Now I see what a fool I have been all these years. I can’t believe how different I feel and I wish I had done this years ago.



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