You are What You Eat. Really.

I don’t mean to sound like an evangelical, but my goodness, changing what you eat really does change everything.

Many, many years ago, during a tough time, I took anti-depressants.  I didn’t even think I was depressed but the doctor thought I was and gave me pills. And then one day, after a few weeks, I was standing in my living room and I suddenly felt this black cloud (that I didn’t even know was there) just lift. I was content. And I thought ‘oh, I guess I was depressed after all!’

Well, this is like that, only I did know I was unhappy this time … and there are no pills.

Can it really be true that just eating lots of fruit and vegetables can make such a difference? Or is this just a phase?

I suppose I’ll just have to wait and see!



2 thoughts on “You are What You Eat. Really.

  1. Lynn CoMo

    It’s a fact! Enjoy!
    It doesn’t mean something can’t happen to cause you to feel sad- depressed, like I did recently when my first husband died! That was grief and depression is a normal symptom of grief so it wasn’t too much of a surprise. But it passed with time.
    Eating whole foods and exercise affect the brain in positive ways!
    How do you see it affecting your art? Or desire to make art?


    1. Louise Post author

      Lynne, I have a lot more energy and inspiration now, and a new idea is forming that I will be working on over the coming months. (More cows but this time with a clearer message and tied in to a larger purpose). I agree with what you say that we can still feel sad … my problems haven’t gone away. I guess I just feel better equipped to deal with them. I knew alcohol was a depressant, but I had no idea that food can have the same effect. The most interesting thing is that I didn’t have a particularly ‘bad’ diet to begin with. I don’t eat meat, I don’t eat fast foods, I don’t drink fizzy drinks – but I also didn’t eat much fruit or raw vegetables. I’m amazed what a difference just having fruit for breakfast makes … I have tons of energy and just feel clearer and sharper.



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