More Collage

I made some mistakes with this one, but also learned some valuable lessons.

As an experiment, I made a collage before I started the drawing and this made it difficult. My pens wouldn’t go over the paper without tearing it, neither would pencil. I managed to make a few lines, then tried watercolour. This would have worked, except the paper I used was glossy magazine paper, and the paint can’t soak into it very well.

In the end, almost all the original collage got lost and I had to add collaged elements back over the painting (which was compromised by the layers of paper and by the paint’s refusal to sink into said paper).

That said, while it’s not a great likeness, I do like elements of this piece. I feel more and more as though collage is my medium. Not necessarily because of the results (although I usually like them) but because of the process. I find what they call ‘flow’ when I’m making a collage. I love tearing off a piece of paper and then having to find a place for it – and there always is one. I love the interesting textures that emerge from random bits of magazine article. I love the serendipity of just turning the page of a book or magazine and seeing a colour or shape or texture that you just KNOW will work in your piece.  And, as a professional writer, I especially love seeing words make a picture.




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